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Esteemed Leader of The Islamic Republic of Iran

President Office

Speaker of the Government

Ministry of Interior

Ministry of Cooperatives, Labor and Social Welfare

Ministry of Economic Affairs and Finance

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Ministry of Education

Ministry of Industry, Mine and Trade

Ministry of Health and Medical Education

Ministry of Communications and Information Technology

Ministry of Agriculture

Ministry of Justice

Ministry of Roads and Urban Development

Ministry of Defense and Armed Forces Logistics

Ministry of Science, Research and Technology

Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance

Ministry of Petroleum

Ministry of Energy

Islamic Legislative Assembly

Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting

Planning and Management Organization

Iran Touring & Tourism Organization

Department of the Environment

Judiciary Power

Geology Organization

Meteorology Organization

Industrial & Scientific Research Institute

Central Bank of Iran

Statistical Centre of Iran

Red Crescent Organization

Disciplinary force

Iran Drug Control Headquarters

Women Association Center

Iran Telecommunication Company


Standard and Industrial Research Institute

Institute for Iranian Contemporary Historical Studies