Mohsen Baharvand

ردیفYear of studyUniversityMajor
1.  PhD Candidate in Law
2.  Master’s Degree in Human Rights Law
3.  Bachelor’s Degree in International (Political) Affairs
Executive record
ردیفYears of servicepositionService location
1.February 2020present Deputy Foreign Minister for Legal and International Affairs 
2.2018-2019Assistant to Foreign Minister and Director-General for Americas 
3.2014-2017Deputy Director General of the Asian-African Legal Consultative Organization (AALCO) 
4.2010-2014Deputy Director-General for Americas 
5.2006-2009In charge of Iran’s Embassy in Buenos Aires, Argentina 
6.2005-2006Director of the Legal Department 
7.2002-2004Deputy Director of the Legal Department 
8.1997-2001Legal Expert of the Mission of the I.R.Iran to the UN Office in Geneva 
9.1994-1997Expert in the Legal Department 
1.Numerous books and articles by H.E. Baharvand have been published in Persian, English and Spanish languages

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